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fake carrotToday, 12:22

Hi guys. Opened an issue for hardhat-boilerplate for that deploy bug.
Can someone help me with the testing part?

MumuToday, 13:54

Working on that module too, I'll check it tonight

Meet people & join events

KrtekToday, 01:02

Hi! Looking for a team for Polygon BUIDL IT. Good at React (ts+redux) and JS in general 🤓

Rust MagicianToday, 01:15

Yo! DM me, we were just looking for a frontend dev

Grow skills & get help

Momento MortiToday, 20:55

I am currently making a TLS client with Rust (OpenSSL). Having troubles with brotli compression.
Can anyone help?

redstone guyToday, 21:01

Made similar thing, here's the repo https://github...

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